Are your products compatible with all currencies?

No, NADEX Coins is designed to work with US currency only.

Are NADEX coin wrappers ABA color coordinated?

Yes, our coin wrappers are color coded to ABA standards.

Do NADEX products have a warranty?

Yes Includes 1 Year Limited Warranty when purchased from an authorized seller. Warranty does not cover units that are sold used or "as is".

Are the currency markings on the NADEX coin trays and tubes accurate when counting all coins?

Coins, especially pennies can lose their original size and weight, especially the thickness may vary based on the age and normal handling of the coin. At times customers have reported that they can fit up to 52 pennies in any standard coin wrapper.

What features make the NADEX S540 superior over other brands and models?

The NADEX S540 has three pre-programmed "One Touch" features. One option stops the machine when the coin trays are full, a second to stop the machine when the tubes are full, and a third feature to clear the batch modes to count freely without stopping. The total value of the counted coins along with the quantity of each coin denomination displays on the screen during counting.

How do you use the coin sorting trays to separate your coins?

Just pour your coins into the top tray and shake! Then quickly and easily count and transfer coins into coin wrappers using the color coded tubes.

What is the best way to save money?

Purchase our budget envelopes to allocate your funds correctly, Spend, Save, Share…



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