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1000 Flat Striped Coin Wrappers

1000 Flat Striped Coin Wrappers

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Nadex V5400 Mixed Denomination Bill Counter is our high end portable bill counter and counterfeit detector for your business needs. The V4500 Counts 1000 bills per minure with a 200-300 bill hopper capacity and a 200 bill tray capacity. The machine also accepts SD cards and USB for printing.. 4 Level Currency Detection: Our machine uses 4 methods to detect counterfeit bills. 1. Ultravoilet light to detect the UV strip 2. Magnetic rollers detect the magnetic ink to verify its authenticity 3. Infrared scanners detect special infared markings used to mark real bills. 4. Image scanning: Our scanner scans the print of the bill to make sure it matches known versions of real currency.. 3 Error Detection: Double-note detection, Half-noted detection, Chained-noted detection - Our machine makes sure bills are accurately counted if bills are ripped or stuck together.. Smooth Operation: Our roller friction system ensures smooth and fast operation.. Our Guarantee: Nadex manufactures a variety of coin management and money storage products. All Nadex products are backed by a 1 Year warranty! Please visit Nadex Coins to activate and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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