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24 Budget Envelopes

24 Budget Envelopes

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Budget Envelopes for the Cash Envelope System, Durable and Water Resistant, Multi-Color, 24 Pack Quick Guide: Detailed Instructions are included but here is a quick guide on to use our budgeting envelopes. Take a piece of paper and make two columns, Fixed and Flexible. Fixed Expenses are expenses that don’t change month to month(Mortgage, Cell Phone Bill, Utilities, Insurance, etc) Flexible expenses are expenses that change month to month(Dining Out, Food Shopping, Clothing, Personal Care, etc) You will be using our Nadex Budget envelopes for your Flexible expenses. Why Flexible Expenses and not Fixed Expenses? Since Fixed expenses don’t change month to month, there isn’t a chance of you spending more. On the other hand, with Flexible expenses you can go easily go above budget if you aren’t careful. For example, if your flexible expenses are Food Shopping, Gas, and Dining Out. Take three envelopes and write down each expense type on each envelope. After doing that, fill the three envelopes with the money you have budgeted for each flexible expense. If $300 is budgeted for Dining Out, you will place $300 in the envelope you wrote Dining Out on. With that done, you will have a budget set for Dining Out for the month. This will ensure you won’t go above budget!!!

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