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Nadex CR600 Electronic Cash Register, Black

Nadex CR600 Electronic Cash Register, Black

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The commercial grade Nadex CR600 is the ideal cash register system everything needed to run your restaurant or retail store. Featuring easy loading, quiet and quick thermal printing on 57 or 75mm thermal paper  as well two Serial ports to customize the programming of the cash register for all PLUS, Departments, and Cashiers as well as connect to a kitchen printer, scale, or barcode scanner. Its large 7.5 Inch LCD Operator Display, spaced out keys  and multiple reporting functions and connection capabilities make this the perfect cash register for your retail or restaurant needs. 

• Easy loading and quick 57mm or 75mm thermal printing.

• Easily add graphics to your receipts

• 2 Diplays: 7.5 Inch LCD Operator Display and 8 Digit Customer Display, 64 Keys

• 4500 PLUS, 50 Departments, 50 Cashiers, 20 Payment Methods, 150 Tables

• Electronic journal and Financial, Departmental, PLU, Cashier, Hourly, Period and Refund Reports

• 2 Serial Ports for connection to barcode scanner, kitchen printer, scale, and PC programming. 

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