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Nadex CR360 Electronic Cash Register, Black

Nadex CR360 Electronic Cash Register, Black

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The compact Nadex CR360 is the ideal cash register system everything needed to run your store. Featuring easy loading, quiet and quick thermal printing as well as a PC software to customize the programming of the cash register for all PLUS, Departments, and Cashiers, providing best-in-class ease of use. Its 5 Inch LCD Operator Display and multiple reporting functions and connection capabilities make this the perfect cash register for your small business needs.

  • The Nadex CR360 is everything you need for your small business, restaurant, retail shop and more with 50 departments, 4700 PLUs, 50 clerks and 20 payment methods. Featuring 4 bill slots and 8 coin slots with a removable coin tray to maximize partition space for extra storage of important checks, pay slips, bills and more. 3 forms of payment types (Card, Change, Cash) as well as 20 different payment methods in the system.
  • 2 Clear LED Displays – each machine features a pop-up and swivel 8 Digit customer display screen as well as a 5” LCD operator display screen. Customer display screen can be tilt to various angles for easy viewing. Screen displays Financial, Departmental, PLU, Cashier, Hourly, Period and Refund Reports.
  • Includes 3 custom command keys for clerk, manager and cash drawer functions. Clerk key has access to turning off register, reading sales data, and is used for normal register use. Manager key performs all functions, including clearing sales data, programming, and manager control operations. Cash drawer key locks and unlocks cash drawer to secure all currency and valuables.
  • 2-1/4” Easy Loading and Quick Thermal Printing – Easily open cover guard and place INCLUDED roll directly into machine to begin printing – add custom header and footers to receipts, as well as custom graphics.
  • Multiple Connection Ports for connecting to PS/2 Ports, DK Port, COM Port, and USB001 Port: PS/2 Port connects to scanner, DK Port connects to cash drawer port, COM PORT connects to kitchen printer or scale, USB001 connects to PC.
  • Features a wide range of special function keys including: pay out button, received on account, refund button, error correct, receipt on/off, ability to set up manager password, management reports, calculator mode, and PC programming tool.



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